• Jan 27 2011

    Facebook connect helps Metzelermaps continue to grow offering all bikers the chance to share their favourite rides.

    Since it’s inception at the end of April 2010 the free and easy to use map sharing platform has enabled world wide users to browse through trips, searching by location, type of trip, the distance, specific words or even the type of bike.  Once the perfect trip has been found users can simply download the ride to a smartphone or GPS and go for it!


    The Metzelermaps platform is also available for all bikers to upload their own favourite rides for all to share.  In fact the sharing platform will only continue to grow when keen bikers such as you upload their rides.  There’s a full “how to” section on the site, several GPS codes can be uploaded to make drawing your map easier and it’s also possible to manually draw your own map.  However you choose to upload a trip  there is the possibility to post photos and comments and then share the map with friends for them to upload their comments too! 


    The IT team at Metzeler are currently working on a number of improvements to the site which should make using the site even easier and more enjoyable.  The first of many improvements is the use of Facebook Connect to access the site which makes it simple for users to log in using their Facebook login!


    Why not check out Metzelermaps today and browse for your next rides once the spring comes around.  While your there try the new Facebook login and like us on facebook/metzelermoto!

  • Jan 20 2011

    Metzeler Enduro sensation David Knight speaks about his stellar year!


    “2010 was a good year for me, I took the Enduro3 World Championship as well as the new British Sprint series and the British Championship which made up for a fairly disappointing 2009 season, but it was no push-over.
    I was riding my four-stroke KTM in the E3 Championship and it was hard work. Most of the events now seem to suit the smaller bikes and it’s a bit like we’ve seen MotoGP, the lighter 800s are faster than the heavier 1000s ever were. In Enduro the lighter bikes can get the power down easier and most of the guys in my class were on 300cc two-strokes, there was only really two of us using the 500cc four-strokes. In the mud when it’s slippery you are at a big disadvantage on the four stroke, you can’t get the grip like you can on a two-stroke as the bike is so much heavier so you have to be more careful, which takes concentration.

    To win a championship you have to be in the top two or three every race so you can’t afford to make a mistake and end up down the field so I had to be on the ball all the time and consistent. That’s what secured me the championship in the end, I won nine of the sixteen races but when I didn’t win I was on the podium. But it’s swings and roundabouts, some events suited the four-stroke, some didn’t, but for me swapping wasn’t an option – I’m a big lad and I suit the larger bike. I ride two-strokes but you have to move around on them a lot more, which I find cramps my style. I’ve always liked the big 500, it’s what I’ve won all my world championships on.



    At the moment I’m just keeping myself fit over winter at home in the Isle of Man, ready for the first round of the 2011 season in April. I’m not a gym person, I prefer to get out there and ride a bike so I’m usually on a motocross track or messing around on an indoor circuit that is quite extreme. It’s not that serious but I like to keep my hand in and fitness up. Sometimes I do a bit of cycling but I’m not like some of the road racers.

    I hang around with Cal Crutchlow and Jonathan Rea quite a lot and Cal does miles on a bicycle, he’s always out running or cycling but I reckon his results were better after he got out on a motocross or enduro bike with me. You can’t beat riding a bike to keep your eye in, although he isn’t very good at trials! Cal attacks everything flat out and usually ends up on his ear, obviously I take every opportunity to rooster him with mud but to be honest he usually fills himself in with dirt before I get there! Although he does get his own back when we are on mountain bikes, I’m nowhere near as fit as him when it comes to cycling and he spends most of the time laughing at me….”


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