• May 18 2011

    Dougie Lampkin gets a grip

    Thirty-five year old off road extraordinaire Dougie Lampkin is best known for his amazing ability on a trials motorcycle, having been crowned FIM Trial World Champion no less than twelve times. Although the Red Bull athlete has little spare time, he still managed to find a gap in his busy schedule to compete in the 2011 FIM Indoor Enduro World Championship. Despite struggling with bad fortune and illness Dougie finished thirteenth in the highly competitive series – no mean feat for a man still relatively new to enduro.

    With the Indoor championship all but forgotten Dougie’s attention then shifted to the inaugural running of the Eddy X-treme enduro at Tong, Leeds. Running an extreme event at the end of January requires two things; thermals and grip. With the cream of the country lined up for the first of two races Dougie went bar to bar with the UK’s best riders. Battling for well over an hour Dougie claimed a well-deserved second place onboard his Gas Gas machine, closely behind Manxman David Knight. His second race was also successful as the Yorkshireman claimed the third step on the podium.
    “The venue at Tong includes a little bit of everything and the wet winter weather had made the rock slabs particularly slippery. There were quite a few riders struggling to find grip but it wasn’t a problem I had. Having the correct tyres fitted is essential and there is no doubt that the ‘Metzeler 6 Days’ were the ultimate choice.”

    Only two weeks after his gruelling performance at Leeds, Dougie was back on his bike facing an even greater challenge. Hells Gate is classed as one of the toughest extreme enduros in the World and having claimed victory in 2010 Dougie would be out for the kill. After several hours of racing around the Italian mountains there were only two competitors left; unfortunately Dougie was forced to settle for second place, but it was still an outstanding achievement.

    “Hell’s Gate was as tough as ever, the steep terrain means that traction is key to a good result, and with Metzeler tyres I had both good grip and the ability to turn with confidence.”
    Whilst Dougie’s enduro schedule has quietened down since the start of the season he will be competing in the Erzberg Rodeo during late June as well as the Weston Beach Enduro in early October.
    “I’m looking forward to both Erzberg and Weston. They are very different events but both require huge amounts of energy and closer to the time I’ll be training on a regular basis. I have complete faith in Metzeler and the products they produce.”


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  • May 17 2011


    Over the weekend in Italy, more specifically the island of Sicily (Francavilla di Sicilia) had the honour of hosting and organizing for the first time in its history an Enduro World Championship race, a discipline with two distinct rounds on Saturday and Sunday. Riders pushed their Metzeler 6 Days Extreme tyres to the maximum for a total of 10 podiums in the E1, E2 and E3 classes. The victors of two out of the three classes are also incumbent World Champions: Aubert and Ahola, who join their competitors Remes, Cervantes, Nambotin and Guerrero in lead positions.


    On Saturday, the first round of the E1 class saw the success of Juha Salminen (HVA), followed by Matti Seistola (HVA) and Metzeler’s own Eero Remes (KTM) in the third spot. In E2, Johnny Aubert (KTM) and Ivan Cervantes (GAS) ended respectively in first and third places, leaving the competition for second occupied by Antoine Meo (HVA). Finally, in the E3 class, Christophe Nambotin (GAS) and Mika Ahola (HON) have placed Metzeler’s 6 Days Extreme in top two spots, ahead of the Finn Joakim Ljunggren (Husaberg). The final count after Sunday’s races included three wins, four second places and three third place finishes for a total of 10 podiums during the weekend’s races.


    The newly chosen location of Sicily for the Enduro World Championship helped raise appreciation among riders involved in the competition, who defined the assigned racing paths as amongst the most difficult in the entire world. Championship points await each of the riders competing in the next five events for a total of ten rounds. Next meeting is in Fethiye, Turkey on the 10th and 11th of June.


    Check out the great videos as below!











    5th Round Results – Day 1 – Francavilla, Sicliy



    1 SALMINEN Juha                FIN      HVA    25

    2 SEISTOLA Matti                 FIN      HVA    22

    3 REMES Eero                     FIN      KTM   25        METZELER


    1 AUBERT Johnny              FRA    KTM   25        METZELER

    2 MEO Antoine                      FRA    HVA    22

    3 CERVANTES Ivan             ESP    GAS    20        METZELER




    1 NAMBOTIN                       FRA    GAS    25        METZELER

    2 AHOLA Mika                     FIN      HON   22        METZELER

    3 LJUNGGREN                     SWE   HUSA 20



    6th Round Results – Day 2 – Francavilla, Sicliy



    1 SEISTOLA Matti                 FIN      HVA    25

    2 REMES Eero                     FIN      KTM   22        METZELER

    3 SALMINEN Juha                FIN      HVA    20



    1 MEO Antoine                      FRA    HVA    25

    2 CERVANTES Ivan             ESP    GAS    22        METZELER

    3 GUERRERO Cristobal     ESP    GAS    20        METZELER



    1 AHOLA Mika                     FIN      HON   25        METZELER

    2 NAMBOTIN                       FRA    GAS    22        METZELER

    3 LJUNGGREN                     SWE   HUSA 20


     2011 FIM Enduro World Championship Stand. (After 6 Rounds)



    1 SALMINEN Juha                FIN      HVA    142

    2 REMES Eero                     FIN      HVA    124      METZELER

    3 SEISTOLA Matti                 FIN      HVA    109



    1 MEO Antoine                      FRA    HVA    137

    2 CERVANTES Ivan             ESP    GAS    118      METZELER

    3 RENET Pierre Alex             FRA    HUSA 114



    1 AHOLA Mika                      FIN      HON   144      METZELER

    2 NAMBOTIN                       FRA    GAS    131      METZELER

    3 LJUNGGREN                     SWE   HUSA 105


  • May 10 2011

    Metzeler supported Enduro Legend David Knight updates Ridexperience

    KTM Enduro Factory Team rider David Knight has signed off from the ’11 British Sprint Enduro Championship with yet another double Elite class victory, this time dominating proceedings at the fifth and sixth rounds of the series staged at the Rogers Hill Raceway facility in Dorset. Knowing that the event would be his last for some time due to having to undergo hip surgery Knight ensured it was a memorable final outing by winning all of the event’s special tests.




    We caught up with David this week;


    Everything went really well at the BSEC. I don’t get to ride hard-pack conditions very often, not in the UK anyway, so it was completely different to what I’ve been riding recently. I had a new bike for this event, a little different to what I’ve been riding, and it worked perfectly right from the off. I felt really comfortable on the bike, not pushing too hard, and was pulling good time on the other riders all weekend. I didn’t have any falls or problems all weekend. The test got faster and faster all weekend.


    As it turned out the test got really good, especially once a line cleared. It’s great to see Manx riders doing well in all the classes. Eight 10-minute test on day one and seven on day two has been tough but it’s been a great work out. I’m having the first of my hip operations next Saturday, which means an end to my season for a good few months. Obviously, I’d much rather be racing but I have to get it done. It’s going to be a bit frustrating but it’ll also give me a little time to recharge my batteries. I know my bike’s working really well now so when I’m back I know I have a bike I can win on, and I’ll be in better shape too.


    I got to visit the British Superbikes at Oulton Park last weekend and was particularly interested in the lads riding the Metzeler National Superstock series, wow that was some battle for the lead, scary stuff!

    So that’s me for now, tune in to Ridexperience and for more about me and my team check out my website





  • May 05 2011

    Trip to Sicily for Metzeler test experience

    Richard Morgan from Cambrian Tyres has been in the tyre trade for many years and has tried a number of different bikes, but always seems to come back to single cylinder trail bikes as they suit his riding style. Living in one of the most stunning parts of Mid Wales with many of the best riding roads in Britain at his doorstep Richard considers he is very lucky and try’s to get as much riding in as possible when the weather allows. A thirty mile ride home instead of four is quite normal in the summer months.



    It’s never easy setting your alarm for 02:30, for me it was worse knowing I had to fly as well. I am not a comfortable flyer put it like that. I was however looking forward to the event that Metzeler had planned for some of its UK trade customers, namely to familiarise us with their products especially the Z8 Interact.


    Because it was dark when we got to Sicily and drove over to the hotel, it was a very pleasant surprise to wake up to the stunning vistas that the hotel enjoyed. Hills and rocky out-crops surrounded the hotel and it was great to see the difference in the vegetation out there. Huge cacti are not an every day sight for us here in the UK…. Neither is bright blue sky. The weather was perfect, cool and crisp with perfect clear blue sky, it was going to be pretty epic on the track in conditions like that.


    We had a short technical presentation from Steffen Baum, the UK’s technical manager. He liaises with the R&D team headed by Alessandro Abate who is possibly the luckiest man ever. Not only does he live in one of the most stunning countries, but he tests motorbike tyres for a living! He and his test team ride pretty much all day every day come rain (in Sicily?) or shine (mostly shine) testing tyres for Metzeler, clocking up nearly a million km’s a year! They also have a couple of test tracks where they can go and do endless laps all in the name of perfecting Metzeler motorcycle tyres. Lucky so and so’s.




    It was one of these test tracks in the small town of Pergusa pretty much smack bang in the middle of the country. The bus ride over there was fascinating, with stunning views of Etna over our shoulder and huge rocky cliffs surrounding us.



    I had chance to try most of the bikes and tyres but I did miss out on the BMW S1000RR, that was busy all day and I never managed to time my sessions to get on it. I had a go on the BMW K1300 that was shod with Z8 Interact tyres. These tyres and I have to say, that although I found the bike uncomfortable with my lanky frame and badly fitting borrowed leathers it was a doddle to ride and I would put that down to the tyres. Very predictable, very neutral and very confidence inspiring. This is very nerdy, but I love the Pi symbol in the tread. It helps disperse water and greatly improves wet grip and of course is essential in the calculations for anything round! Deservedly, these tyres will prove to be extremely popular and I will be recommending them to everyone asking for a top notch sports touring tyre.



    The day ended with a coach ride back to Catania with a smoking Mount Etna dominating the view for the entire drive back. We had a final meal together at the hotel where we shared our thoughts about the day and then we headed off for an early night as we were flying back at 7:15 the next morning.