Metzeler Racetec K3: A race tire for the street.

19 October 2011

Metzeler Racetec K3: A race tire for the street.


The now-legendary BMW S1000RR burst onto our shores in 2009 and destroyed every other superbike out there. BMW engineers chose to equip the 190+ bhp bike with Metzeler’s Racetec K3, a version of the accomplished Racetec that’s made with a street compound (The K0, K1, and K2 are also technically DOT legal, but they use race compounds and do not get up to temperature on the street).



The Racetec K3 uses Metzeler’s INTERACT technology, which uses our patented 0-degree steel belt. By winding the belt in different ways across the tire carcass, it’s possible to give the tire different characteristics at different lean angles. That makes it possible to give the K3 good wear characteristics while upright (low winding tension) and have it grip like mad when leant over (high winding tension).  The K3 is a tire that can be safely ridden at trackdays by novice riders.


In a 2009 article by motorcycle-usa, Kawasaki World Supersport Rider Joan Lascorz said:


“I had so much of fun riding the street version of my Kawasaki Supersport bike on the Valencia circuit with Metzeler. I can say that it was really easy to lean into corners and to be quicker opening the gas with the new RACETEC. There was much feedback from the tires that I could think more about my best lines on the track. Metzeler knows how to give racers what they need for fast riding on the track and the street.”


Fast Tube by Casper


Also, it looks terrific. It’s a big, meaty tire with just a few sipes and looks as sporty as any other tire on the market. The good looks and great grip make the Racetec K3 a favorite of the Metzeler team.


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