• Oct 30 2012

    Leather does not equal “motorcycle-inspired.” The New York Times gets it wrong

    Admittedly, there was a lot going on in Manhattan yesterday, with huge floods, transformer explosions, and general Hurricane Sandy chaos (see picture below).  Still, the New York Times’ Style section published an odd article about motorcycle-inspired fashion.   Fashion it is, too!

    The 14-picture gallery is introduced as “The best of readers’ motorcycle-inspired photos from the week of Oct 22.”, and is a collection of ultra-fashionable people wearing zip-up leather jackets.  There are a few pictures that do seem a little motorcycley, like the top one, but the rest are not even close.

    The truth is that except for café racers, motorcyclists are more concerned with protection than style.  To us, an Aerostitch suit is the epitome of motorcycle style.  Still, we’ll let the New York Times think that “motorcycle style” is what these models are emulating!

    From the New York Times

  • Oct 29 2012

    The Tsunami-Harley floated right into the Harley museum


    When Ikuo Yokoyama’s Harley washed up on a Canadian beach after being swept away in the 2011 Fukushima tsunami disaster, the initial plan was to restore it to showroom condition and ship it back to him.  However, Ikuo decided to leave it alone and donate it to the Harley museum, where it would serve as a memorial to those who died in or were affected by the tsunami.  Yesterday, it was unveiled at the Harley-Davidson museum in Milwaukee.



    Bill Davidson, the Museum’s vice-president, said, “We’re truly humbled to display Mr. Yokoyama’s motorcycle.  This motorcycle has an amazing story to tell, and we are honored to be able to share it.”


    The 2004 FXSTB Softtail Night Train still has its license plate, and sits in a glass case in the museum.  It’s in pretty rough shape. It was in the back of a van that floated across the sea—so it’s been banged around a lot and had some salt exposure.  It’s also probably radioactive, but it looks fantastic, torn up, rusty, and gnarled—the ultimate rat bike.


    The museum is open 10-6 every day, and until 8 on Thursday.


    Harley-Davidson Museum


    400 W Canal Street
    Milwaukee, WI 53201
    1-877-HD-MUSEUM or 414-287-2789


  • Oct 23 2012

    The Metzeler Six Days Extreme tires had a perfect weekend with doubles from Meo, Aubert and Nambotin


    Brignoles, France,  22 October 2012 – This weekend, Metzeler had a perfect Enduro Grand Prix, with six class victories.


    In Enduro 2, the title was undecided.  Either between Renet, Guerrero and Salminen. Even with his injury, Metzeler rider Cristobal Guerrero courageously finished runner-up and had to let the title go to Pierre-Alexandre Renet. But the star of the weekend was another Metzeler rider: Johnny Aubert. Back after an excellent ISDE, Aubert finished the season with two impressive wins. On Saturday, he won by just 9 hundredths of a second, and on Sunday he was untouchable, more than 45 seconds ahead of Juha Salminen.



    Christophe Nambotin had no more title pressure on his shoulders and gave his best during the weekend. He won again over the two race days with an advantage of more than 2 minutes! A perfect season for the Metzeler rider, with his E3 title, as well as the Xtreme Test Award and the Mika Ahola “Brave One” Trophy. It was a different story for his teammate David Knight who, once again, had difficulty finding a rhythm (9th/7th).


    In the Enduro 1 class, Antoine Meo, already the champion, was relaxed enough to win on both days.  But the most important battle in this category was the fight for second place, between Thain, Oldrati, Remes, and Seistola. After his second place on Saturday, everything went wrong for Rodrig Thain on Sunday, as somebody stole his bike!  Still, he was able to finish the season in second. Another Metzeler rider, Eero Remes (3rd/4th) finishes on the 4th step.



    Finally in Junior, the Argentinian Kevin Benavides (9th/8th) had once again some difficulties just like the KTM rider Rudi Moroni (6th/9th).


    A perfect weekend for Metzeler with six victories (Meo, Aubert, Nambotin) but also two runner-up titles for Thain and Guerrero, a nice second place for Thain, and a third ranking for Remes.

    The curtain falls on the 2012 season that was rich of wins and World titles for the Metzeler Six Days Extreme tires that proved once again their domination on the Enduro World Championship.

    The Metzeler boys rode our 6 Days Extreme tire, which is the same tire Taddy Blazusiak used to win the inaugural Enduro X competition at the X Games in 2011, and is the tire Jonny Walker and Dougie Lampkin used to finish first and second in the Erzberg Enduro earlier this year.




    E1 Class: Antoine MEO (KTM, Metzeler), Rodrig THAIN (HM Honda, Metzeler), Eero REMES (KTM, Metzeler)


    E2 Class: Johnny AUBERT (KTM, Metzeler), Pierre-Alexandre RENET (Husaberg), Juha SALMINEN (HVA),


    E3 Class: Christophe NAMBOTIN (KTM, Metzeler), Joakim LJUNGGREN (Husaberg), Aigar LEOK (TM),


    EJ Class: Mathias BELLINO (Husaberg), Danny MCCANNEY (Gas Gas), Rudi MORONI (KTM, Metzeler);


    EY Class: Jamie MCCANNEY (Husaberg), Davide SORECA (Yamaha), Nicholas TRAININI (KTM)


    EW Class: Ludivine PUY (Gas Gas), Laïa SANZ (Gas Gas), Jane DANIELS (Husaberg);




    E1 Class: Antoine MEO (KTM, Metzeler), Thomas OLDRATI (Husaberg), Fabien PLANET (Sherco)


    E2 Class: Johnny AUBERT (KTM, Metzeler), Juha SALMINEN (HVA), Pierre-Alexandre RENET (Husaberg),


    E3 Class: Aigar LEOK (TM), Christophe NAMBOTIN (KTM, Metzeler), Joakim LJUNGGREN (Husaberg),


    EJ Class: Mathias BELLINO (Husaberg), Giacomo REDONDI (KTM), Victor GUERRERO (KTM);


    EY Class: Luis OLIVEIRA (Yamaha), Jamie MCCANNEY (Husaberg), Davide SORECA (Yamaha)


    EW Class: Ludivine PUY (Gas Gas), Laïa SANZ (Gas Gas), Jessica GARDINER (Yamaha)


    Overall standings:


    E1 Class: Antoine MEO (257pts), Rodrig THAIN (191pts), Thomas OLDRATI (179pts);


    E2 Class: Pierre-Alexandre RENET (260pts), Cristobal GUERRERO (243pts), Juha SALMINEN (236pts);


    E3 Class: Christophe NAMBOTIN (314pts), Joakim LJUNGGREN (238pts), Aigar LEOK (232pts);


    EJ Class: Mathias BELLINO (299pts), Jonathan MANZI (229pts), Danny MCCANNEY (216pts);


    EY Class: Giacomo REDONDI (277pts), Matteo BRESOLIN (161pts), Jamie MCCANNEY (115pts)


    EW Class: Laïa SANZ (151pts), Ludivine PUY (145pts), Audrey ROSSAT (89pts)


  • Oct 20 2012

    Are you ready for the second season of RideApart?


    Our favorite online motorcycle show is back for its second season. We spoke with RideApart’s Wes Siler this month and he said that more than a hundred people contacted him since the first season started saying they’d be inspired to learn to ride. It’s not hard to see why—the videos each explore something great about an aspect of motorcycling. They’ve detailed ATVs, adventure tourers, and café racers. This week, they put together a video about a recent trip to Bonnevile on a $300 Honda VFR from the 80s.



    Jamie Robinson is the host. He’s a British ex-motorcycle who bought a motorcycle for $200 when he arrived in the USA and immediately rode it from New York to California. You can’t help but like the guy, and we’re looking forward to seeing the rest of the year’s shenanigans from RideApart.


    From Hell for Leather


  • Oct 18 2012

    Yamaha chooses Metzeler’s Z8 Interact for the FJR 1300


    Yamaha chose our award-winning new Z8 Interact as one of the OEM fitments for their facelifted 2013 FJR1300. Journalists were able to enjoy the bike on the recent international press event in Madrid, Spain.


    The FJR 1300 has been upgraded tip to tail. The fork has aluminum internals, and the damping at both ends has been firmed up. The old steel cylinder linings have been replace with aluminum, and the pistons have low-friction rings. These changes take the power up 3bhp to 144 bhp. Traction control and two throttle-by-wire power modes help control the power.



    The FJR also has new gauges and switchgear, LED headlights, and a revised fairing and windscreen.


    The Z8’s are a perfect match for the powerful FJR, with their excellent wear and performance characteristic. The Z8’s won MCN’s 2012 Tire of the Year test, thanks in no small part to their excellent wet weather handling.



    Metzeler Product and Marketing Manager Jim Worland said: “The Roadtec Z8 Interact has been on the market for a couple of years, but being a company that is constantly innovating, our compound chemists have developed an amazing product that is clearly the number one on wet roads as proven by independent comparison tests as conducted by MCN and the German Motorrad Test Centre.”


    The Metzeler Interact range covers nearly the whole range of road motorcycles. The Roadtec Z8 Interact for sport touring, the Racetec K3 for road or race use, and the ultimate all-around supersport tire, the Sportec M5, for excellent performance in all riding conditions.