Honda’s brain-scrambling RC123 V4 to cost $100,000+

19 November 2012

Honda’s brain-scrambling RC123 V4 to cost $100,000+

It’s time for another homologation special.  We’re huge fans of Honda’s other homologation bikes—the RC30 and RC45 in particular, each with dual headlights, anarrow chassis, and a single-sided swingarms.  They’re about as pretty as bikes get. The mass-produced RC51 has its own bulldog charm.

The world has been waiting for more than a decade to see Honda’s next homologation special.  The rumor was that it was going to be a 1000cc V5, with two cylinders on one bank and three on the other.  As it turns out, the new bike will based on the V4 RC213 racebike—but it won’t have that bike’s trick gearbox or pneumatic valves.

It’s going to cost around $110,000—significantly more expensive than Ducati’s D16RR homologation bike.  We can’t wait to see one in the flesh—up top is Luca Bar Design’s best guess at what it may look like.

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