• Jan 31 2013

    Harley-Davidson sales up 6.2% over 2011

    Last year, Harley sales were just 151 bikes short of a quarter million.  Domestic sales were up 6.6%, and foreign sales were up 5.6%.  Sales in Latin America were up 39%, and Asia Pacific sales were up 14%.  European sales fell 3%, due to economic woes in Europe.

    Harley plans to capture more foreign buyers in 2013, with a new line of smaller-displacement bikes made in India.  With those bikes, Harley hopes to capture some sales from Royal-Enfield.

    Until then, check out this article on Sangeeta Vinodkumar, who is the first Indian woman to register a Harley in India.  Congratulations Sangeeta!

    From Harley and autoevolution

  • Jan 30 2013

    We heard you like motorcycles -Pipeburn

    In a move that is sure to increase the prices of used, well, everything, Pipeburn has created a Pinterest page with all the bikes they’ve ever posted on their site.

    We’re especially taken by the “Other” and “Moped” sections.

    Here’s the official word:

    Let’s face it, although Scott and I are handsome, smart, witty guys who’s writing will one day stand alongside that of Hemingway and Kerouac, the real reason you come back here day after day is the great photos of the bikes. Well, what if I told you that there’s a place where you can now see every bike we’ve ever posted on Pipeburn in one place? Every. Single. One. There’s one thousand of them to be exact, and as of right now they are all up on Pinterest for your eye-candy-ing pleasure. Take a look, and make sure you follow us when you’re there. Enjoy!


  • Jan 29 2013

    Metzelers carry the world’s largest production motorcycle

    Triumph’s colossal Rocket III Roadster boasts a 2.3 liter triple. That’s 765cc per cylinder! The previous Rocket III iterations had their power electronically limited in the first 3 gears. Customers apparently weren’t happy to pay for an engine, only to have it restricted, so the restriction has been removed on the Roadster.

    To cope with the beastly torque of the engine, Triumph has chosen Metzeler ME880 Marathon XXL tires in a colossal 240-width (Though we make them up to 300-series widths). With power and torque up to 146 bhp and 163 lb-ft, the tire will have its work cut out for it. The ME880 does, however, have a trick up its sleeve—the solid center section that allows long-wear and surefooted handling on big, powerful bikes like the Rocket III.

    It’s not only the width, look, and wear characteristics that differentiate the ME880 XXL from its competitors.  It’s also the profile.  The profile of the 240-series tire is virtually identical to the 140-series ME880.  Our respect for the shape of the carcass means that a bike can have this wide a tire and still handle well.  For Triumph to choose the ME880 XXL for a bike of this power and size says a lot about the tire.

  • Jan 25 2013

    Bikes of New York

    Last Friday, we headed to the New York International Motorcycle Show.

    First, there was the Victory Boardwalk, with it’s 106 c.i. Freedom V-Twin, which slingshots the bike down the road on a massive wave of torque.

    Then there’s the Ducati Hyperstrada 821, which is like a mini Multistrada.  Unlike the old Hypermotard, the Hyperstrada has a watercooled engine, and makes 15 bhp more than the old 1100.

    The Honda Goldwing F6B may just be a stripped-down Goldwing, but it does look undeniably cool.  Losing the topcase helps the F6B shed more than 60 lbs over it’s bigger brother, and a blacked out engine ups the cool-factor.

    Honda’s CBR500 is one of Honda’s new 500cc bikes, and should take the market by storm.  More power and character than a 250, and more rideable than a 600—it’s one of the few bikes that we could wholeheartedly recommend to a new rider.

    We’re also excited about the new water-cooled BMW GS.  Check our previous post to learn more about it–it sounds excellent:

    And, as ever, it seemed like the majority of the custom bikes there wore ME880s.  We’ve put our favorites below:

  • Jan 23 2013

    This is the development of BMW’s 2013 R1200GS

    The new BMW GS is water-cooled, has electronically adjustable suspension, and countless other improvements.   BMW Motorrad has put together a video explaining the design process.  From the inspiration to the clay molds and chassis development, the video examines every step of the process.

    The new BMW GS will wear the Tourance Next as original equipment in 120/70 R19 and 170/60 R17. The tires will be a perfect fit, since they were developed in conjunction with BMW with the GS in mind.