The Aerostich catalog is brilliant

28 February 2013

The Aerostich catalog is brilliant

Aerostich has been making serious motorcycle clothing for 30 years—starting with their first Roadcrafter back in 1983.  The refinements they’ve made to the brilliant original design mean that the Roadcrafter is still our favorite motorcycle suit.  Today, Aerostich has a 300 page catalog full of parts and accessories—and the odd surprise.  It’s clear that the company has a sense of humor.

Here are a few of our favorite easter eggs in the catalog (request a catalog here):

Magnetic Baby Onesie

Pop your tot in a magenetic suit and stick him to your tank. Tested to 140 mph!

Lane Share Tool

This is about giving brave civilly-disobedient riders permission to show those stuck in backed-up traffic there is a better way. Brilliant, right? Except it has been available for a year and so we’ve only sold about five of them. We’ve already cut the price twice, so it’s not even profitable to make them anymore. This thing took us years to develop and engineer. And it’s a blast to use. Everyone smiles.

Fast Tube by Casper

Sidestand Plate App

Mr. Happy Puppet

So your buddy pulls over in a cloud of smoke with a broken chain piled up in front of his engine sprocket and a busted crankcase. Or he throws his new scoot up the street in a cacophony of sparks and shredded parts. Whattya do? Look uncomfortably at your feet? Cringe with empathy? Hell no. You whip out Mr. Happy and lighten the mood with chirpy platitudes such as “Gee Bill, I’m sure we can find a guy to replicate that casting for big bucks.” Or “That’s OK, that bike was kind of ugly anyway, don’t you think?”

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