Voztec helmets to go on sale this year

26 February 2013

Voztec helmets to go on sale this year

At speed, wind noise on a motorcycle can become nearly unbearable—we’ve been experimenting with a Windjammer helmet muff and various kinds of ear plugs, but unless you’re in still air behind a fairing, there’ll be some turbulent air under the helmet that–and not the shape of the helmet and vents—is the main cause of wind noise.  To see this for yourself, shrug your shoulders while on the bike—wind noise will decrease dramatically.

Fast Tube by Casper

Voztec’s design means it’s possible to extend the helmet shell further around the rider’s chin and neck, which reduces buffeting and wind noise. Less noise means less fatigue for the rider, who would be able to ride faster or for longer distances.

It also makes it easier to remove in the event of an accident.  Current full-face helmets often employ systems like Stylo’s Eject, which use a bladder inside the helmet a paramedic can use to  push the helmet away from the riders head after an accident.  The Voztec could simply be dismantled after an accident.

From Voztec, who hopes to be selling these by year’s end.

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