• Mar 29 2013

    Are these twins… or triplets?

    2013-03-28 16.24.52

    So these bikes aren’t exactly three of a kind, but they are red and they share transverse V-Twin engines, which is our favorite  engine configuration.  The bikes themselves are all narrow and torquey, though the Ducati is air-cooled, while its distant relatives are water-cooled.

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  • Mar 27 2013

    Metzeler voted best brand by Motorrad Magazine readers


    Munich, 27 March 2013 – Metzeler has been chosen for the fourth time as best brand in the tires category, earning 64.8% support in the annual survey conducted by the prestigious German magazine Motorrad that surveyed 30,245 readers.


    The recognition joins the numerous awards already received by Metzeler during 2012. In fact, the sport touring Roadtec Z8 Interact, was awarded Tire of The Year last season by the English magazine Motorcycle News and Best Sport Touring Tire for Motorrad and the French magazine Moto Journal.

    ams_BestBrand_06 [Konvertiert]

    This important award acknowledges not only the excellent development activities conducted by Metzeler in recent years with products—such as Sportec M5 Interact, Sportec K3 Interact, Roadtec Z8 Interact and the more recent Tourance Next and Karoo 3—that are always at the top of their categories, but it also rewards the excellent relationship that the company has always had with motorcycle manufacturers which often choose Metzeler tires as original equipment for the most important bikes in production.  BMW’s latest R 1200 GS, for instance, is equipped with the new Metzeler Tourance Next tires.

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  • Mar 25 2013

    Metzeler Six Days Extreme win Chilean and Argentinian GPs


    San Juan (Argentina), 22 March 2013 – The Enduro World Championship paddock is on its way back to Europe after 2 weeks in South America, where racers met in Talca, Chile, and then in San Juan, Argentina. These races launched the 2013 season of the EWC and have already shown the supremacy of Metzeler tires.

    Reigning Champion and Enduro 1 favourite, Antoine MEO (KTM) has realized the Grand Slam in South America with 4 enormous wins and said: “My Metzeler Six Days Extreme were really great and I had a good traction during those 2 Grand Prix where we met very arid and tough soil! I can give the best of myself in Chile and Argentina in difficult race conditions due to the heat”

    Different fortunes then for the others Metzeler riders in E1, like Cristobal GUERRERO(KTM) who was suffering of an injured shoulder since December. He had to give up in Argentina. Simone ALBERGONI (HM Honda) realized his best performance the 2nd day of the Grand Prix of Argentina with a nice 4th place after a difficult GP in Chile (6 th/7th).

    But the big sensation of this South American tour was Alex SALVINI (HM Honda)! Indeed, the HM Honda rider has won his 3 first Grand Prix and is leading the Enduro 2 standing. Equipped with Metzeler tires, Alex SALVINI has been insolent in San Juan!

    With a good Ivan CERVANTES (KTM) and a still fast Johnny AUBERT (KTM), the Metzeler tires are shining in this E2 class that has discovered a new star: Alex SALVINI! The Italian Enduro is back…

    As last year, Metzeler is also leading the Enduro 3 class thanks to defending Champion Christophe NAMBOTIN who grabbed 2 of the 4 race days. The Metzeler Six Days Extreme of the KTM rider were at the top and have permitted the French rider to take the lead of the class and look for a second titles. We can’t forget the performance of the Metzeler riders Aigar LEOK (3rd and 4th in Chile, 2nd and 1st in Argentina) and Manuel MONNI (KTM), who took the best of his tires to clinch the podium (3rd) on Sunday in Argentina in this Enduro 3 class.

    And the young guns of the Junior class had also their word to say and have shown the colours of the Metzeler Six Days Extreme thanks to the fast Rudi MORONI (KTM) who wore the Metzeler hat on the highest step of the podium during the 2nd race day of the Grand Prix of Argentina

    During these first two Grand Prix of the season, the Metzeler Six Days Extreme tires have really confirmed their domination of last year as they lead the three categories!

    For sure, this South American tour has been excellent for Metzeler and its riders with 10 victories and 11 podiums!

    Rendez-vous for the Grand Prix AMV Seguros of Spain (Puerto Lumbreras from 10th to 12th of May) where the Metzeler Six Days Extreme will have to face another type of track after the arid and deserts soil of South America.

    The standings after two rounds:

    ENDURO 1:

    1) Antoine MEO 80 points

    2) Juha Salminen 62 points

    3) Matti Seistola 58 points

    7) Simone ALBERGONI 42 points

    ENDURO 2:

    1) Alex SALVINI 75 points

    2) Pierre-Alexandre Renet 65 points

    3) Ivan CERVANTES e Johnny AUBERT 60 points

    ENDURO 3:

    1) Christophe NAMBOTIN 70 points

    2) Joakim Ljunggren 67 points

    3) Aigar LEOK 57 points


    5) Manuel MONNI 44 points


    1) Giacomo REDONDI  66 points

    2) Matt Phillips 63 points

    3) Daniel MC CANNEY 60 points

  • Mar 22 2013

    Walz Jubiläumsbike for Louis, on Racetecs


    Marcus Walz put this Ducati Sport 1000 on a 20kg diet with help from an Akrapovic titanium exhaust, a lightweight wiring harness, new rims, and plenty of other trick bits. Power is up 8 bhp, and the bike is dressed in luscious matte “Aniversario Rosso.”

    The result is the Jubiläumsbike, a special Walz made to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Hamburg-based motorcycle parts retailer Louis.


    The bike rolls on Metzeler’s raciest street tire, the Racetec K3. The Racetec K3 uses Metzeler’s INTERACT technology, which uses our patented 0-degree steel belt. By winding the belt in different ways across the tire carcass, it’s possible to give the tire different characteristics at different lean angles. That makes it possible to give the K3 good wear characteristics while upright (low winding tension) and have it grip like mad when leant over (high winding tension).

    From Bike Exif

  • Mar 21 2013

    Metzeler announces commitment to 2013 Roadracing and IOMTT

    For our 150th anniversary, Metzeler officially announces the names of their eight sponsored riders and our participation in the Isle of Man TT and North West 200, as well as Ulster Grand Prix and Southern 100 races as title sponsor.

    During the Isle of Man TT, Metzeler will have a village capable of providing free board to bikers who, book ahead and arrive on Metzeler tires.

    Starting this year, Metzeler will be the Ulster Grand Prix title sponsor for three years, as well as for Southern 100 Post TT Races for the next two years. Metzeler will also be the technical partner for a selection of riders at the Isle of Man TT and 2013 North West 200.

    There will be eight riders on Metzeler tires who will receive official technical support: the team Tyco Suzuki riders Guy Martin and Josh Brookes, Gary Johnson who, with the new F3 675 will be the jewel of the MV Agusta return to the Tourist Trophy, Dean Harrison on team RC Express Kawasaki, Alastair Seeley for team Gearlink Kawasaki, multiple winner of the North West 200, Martin Jessop and the team Riders Motorcycles BMW, the team Mar Train Yamaha Scotsman Stuart Easton and James Hillier on the team Quattro Plant Kawasaki.

    The first event of the season will be the North West 200 ,which will be held from 12 to 18 May in Northern Ireland. It’s one of the most followed sporting events in Ireland and one of the fastest road races in the world. All eight of the Metzeler riders will be among the participants, with Alastair Seeley, eight-time winner of the competition, racing for the first time on a Kawasaki, and Martin Jessop who makes his return to the “Triangle” (as the race is called due to the layout of the circuit) after a serious accident in 2011.

    At the Isle of Man TT, from 25 May to 7 June, Metzeler will be represented by Guy Martin, Josh Brookes, Gary Johnson, Dean Harrison and James Hillier.

    For this legendary event and to celebrate 150 years of history with bikers from all over the world, Metzeler has also arranged to have an exclusive village built – the Metzeler Village – close to the centre of Douglas, just a few meters from the race track. The Metzeler Village will be open for 7 nights from 1 to 8 June, throughout the entire Tourist Trophy race week.

    The Metzeler Village will be equipped with new tents arranged into three two-person pods on the National Sports Centre rugby field, the most exclusive sporting centre on the Isle of Man which is located close to the centre of Douglas, just a few meters from Quarter Bridge Corner—one of the most famous corners on the TT circuit—and just a few minutes from the Douglas seafront, where the main Metzeler will be located.

    All bikers who come to the island riding on Metzelers during this period will be able to stay free of charge in the Metzeler Village after booking on-line at the following link on the Metzeler website: (while beds are available).
    At the end of the race event, Friday 7 June, in celebration of its 150th anniversary, Metzeler will be organising the rocking event of the 2013 TT season, the Metzeler 150th Ultimate Party at the prestigious Villa Marina Royal Hall on the Douglas seafront. It will be a unique party with an incredible AC/DC tribute band, DC/AC and DJ set rock afterwards.

    At the end of the Tourist Trophy, Saturday 8 June, the Southern 100 Post TT Races will be held which, for the period 2013-2014 will have Metzeler as the title sponsor. The competition, held for the first time in 1991, is laid out on a 6.8 kilometer street track and Metzeler rider Dean Harrison will be participating.

    Starting from 2013 and for the next 3 years, Metzeler will also be title sponsor of the “fastest road race in the world”, the Ulster Grand Prix in Northern Ireland, scheduled from 12 to 17 August. During the week the event attracts an average of 50,000 spectators to watch the riders fly around an 11.9 kilometre track at an average speed of 223 kph. The Metzeler colours will be held high at this event by Guy Martin, Gary Johnson, Dean Harrison and James Hillier.

    For more information on Metzeler road racing 2013 and to book with the Metzeler Village go to our website at


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