One World, One R 1200 GS footage from around the world

04 March 2013

One World, One R 1200 GS footage from around the world

At the beginning of January, we brought you information about BMW’s “One World, One R 1200 GS” challenge, where five riders won the chance to take a 2013 GS on the trip of a lifetime.  The trips took the five winners on five routes, through Laos, New Zealand, South Africa, America, and Europe.  In other words, perfect landscapes to explore on a GS.

The rides ended early March, and now all the footage and photography has been compiled and put on BMW’s website about the event.

Metzeler played a big part in the success of the event.  The new GS comes stock with Tourance Next tires, which the riders all had a chance to test. When the trails got steep and loose, riders swapped to the Karoo 3, an off-road capable tire that can stand up to big, powerful enduros like the GS.

Check out all the footage at BMW’s site.

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