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BMW GS Trophy 2014: Decision in Canada!

27 August 2014

BMW GS Trophy 2014: Decision in Canada!

It’s just a few days before the start of the BMW Motorrad GS Trophy 2014, which this time will take place in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. From September 6-13, 2014, 16 international teams will compete in a total of seven daily runs. Their vehicle: the BMW R 1200 GS. Their exclusive off-road tires: by Metzeler!

What is the GS Trophy?

The BMW Motorrad GS Trophy is a tough competition, but it should in no way be considered a race. “It’s not a race!” says an oft-cited declaration by Tomm Wolf, one of the event’s lead organizers.

During the week of the Trophy ride – east from Calgary in the Canadian Rockies – adventure, special stages, and team challenges will be on the program. It’s a test of not only the participants’ physical and emotional fitness and nerves, but also, of course, of their driving skills.

It will be about a 1900 kilometer circuit with a total of 48 riders in teams of three, each one accompanied by a journalist. For example, Team Germany thus consists of a total of four persons – the winners of last year’s GS Trophy Deutschland in Niedereschach plus a German reporter.

Bringing GS families together

The ride in Canada is the fourth BMW Motorrad GS Trophy, which takes place every two years. Past events have been held in Tunisia in 2008, South Africa in 2010, and Chile/Argentina in 2014. The event in Canada is the largest GS Trophy yet; for the very first time, teams from Mexico and South Korea will be at the starting line.

“In the past, we’ve liked to call the GS Trophy the Olympic Games of GS riders,” says BMW Motorcycle organizer Michael Trammer. “This year, that’s more true than ever. All riders are amateurs, totally normal, enthusiastic riders who get together to share an especially versatile and exciting experience with each other. We bring together people from different cultures and experiences who want to share their enthusiasm for GS motorcycles.”

Motorcycles and tires

All participants ride on BMW R 1200 GS, which are made by Touratech in Niedereschach, with accessories by BMW and Touratech specially for use in Canada.

All GS Trophy vehicles for participants, journalists and organizers are equipped exclusively with tires from the Metzeler Offroad line. Metzeler has been a GS Trophy partner since 2008. Metzeler tires have already proved themselves in past Trophy events, providing high performance and a sure grip even on the most difficult terrains.

Uwe Geyer, head of Trade & Consumer Marketing at Metzeler Deutschland, says: “Metzeler has been a GS Trophy partner from the start for good reason. The event offers us an excellent opportunity to show off the sturdiness of our tires even under very difficult conditions. Feedback from drivers is an important factor in further development of our products.”

Additional information available at www.gstrophy.com.

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