Getting old wheels back in shape

27 January 2015

Getting old wheels back in shape

Restoring an old bike always sounds like great fun, but once you get everything apart, it can get trickier.  We’ve had a devil of a time replacing the cush bushings on our old Ducati 900 SS, had a cracked crank case cover on our TW200, and dealt with what feels like a million other stuck bolts or bent pieces.  That’s why the CB550 video series on Bike Exif is refreshing, it doesn’t sugar coat the trials of motorcycle restoration.

After a failed attempt at refurbishing the stock rims, they decided to buy a set of Sun Rims instead, and laced them up using OEM Honda spokes.

David Browning of E3 Motorcycles is performing the restoration, and says “There are still a couple of parts missing,” says Browning. “We’re waiting on a replacement front rotor and a couple of bearing seals to bolt everything up proper. If only these things timed out like the movies.”

After the wheels were sorted, the team slapped on a pair of Metzeler Lasertec tires, for a classic look mated to modern handling, great durability, as well as exceptional wet weather performance.



From Bike Exif

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