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MCN’s video review of the M7RR

28 July 2015

MCN’s video review of the M7RR


Our top-of-the line, ultra-high performance, dual-compound Sportec M7RR is one of the highest-tech tires we’ve ever made.  Don’t take our word for it though, check out this video from the folks at MCN, who put the M7RR through it’s paces in Italy.


Here’s what they had to say.  Watch the video for on-bike footage and more.

“When you ride them back to back, there is a difference.  The Metzelers are more stable, they’ve got a plusher ride. The Dunlop just shimmies over bumps, a very very little bit.  And they don’t warm up as fast as the Metzelers, which are kinda ready to go straight away. That’s good on the track here, but it’s also good when you’re going out for a ride with your mates and you’re going through a village and then you want to get on it again; the tire is going to be up to temperature quicker.”

“It rolls into corners really nicely, the Dunlop kinda tends to drop in quite fast, so you need more rider input to hold the bike into the corner.  The ride quality is really good and the grip is fantastic.  On the edges of the tires–these are dual-compound tires, as well as dual-compound, it’s got a different tread pattern, different construction, different everything….  ….the tires are so good you can just concentrate on riding the bike… … you can really use it to it’s limit.”

If you haven’t had a chance to ride state of the art tires, you might be surprised just how far they’ve come. Better grip, quicker to warm up, and much-improved durability. When you’re riding at the limit, whether in a panic situation or leaned right over at the track, it’s nice to know you have the best tires available for your type of riding.

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