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Rideapart explores Germany on the new Roadtec01

28 April 2016

Rideapart explores Germany on the new Roadtec01

Our new Roadtec 01 is the latest evolution in Metzeler touring tires, focused on enhancing grip on wet and low friction surfaces, as well as increased mileage and a high degree of adaptability to different motorcycles, riding styles and conditions.  Rideapart‘s wrecking crew came to our headquarters in Germany to put our newest tire to the test. Here’s what they had to say:


By switching from one motorcycle to another during stops, we were able to get a feel for how the tires work on a variety of sport touring, adventure and naked bikes.

On the closed course, we experienced a wet braking test, wet and dry road courses, and a 3-kilometer — or 1.9-mile — steeply banked oval. The management told us one of the corners had a 160 kph or 100 mph speed limit, but the the other one and the rest of the track was left to our judgement. We had a choice of a BMW S1000RR, Kawasaki Z1000SX and ZX-14R and a Suzuki GSX-S1000F, all fitted with Roadtec 01 rubber. The ZX-14R provided some fast laps at over 260 kph (around 160 mph) which showed the excellent stability of these tires. High speeds and banking put heavy loads on tires and heat them up, so we were asked to pull off after every three laps to have the temperatures checked for safety, but everything was fine. Stability was rock solid at these speeds.

The wet handling area is a winding road course that is constantly supplied with water via a series of sprinklers directed on the pavement. After a number of laps it was evident that these tires consistently grip well and don’t give up. The adjacent part of the same track was kept dry for comparison, and to allow us a little more speed and lean angle in dry conditions. Needless to say, we had them over until the footpegs ground without incident.

To read the rest of the article, head over to Rideapart.

To learn more about the Roadtec 01, click here.

Here are the main features of the Roadtec 01:

    The employment of completely new tread design enhancing mechanical grip coupled with compounds evolved from those of tests-winner ROADTEC™ Z8 M/O, allows for increased confidence and safety feeling while riding


    New profile (larger and shorter contact patch) in synergy with the improved compounds ensure an extended product lifecycle
    Tread grooves geometry and positioning grant long lasting performances


    Structural elements fine tuning and METZELER INTERACT™ technology promote adaptive behavior across a wide range of motorcycles and riding situations


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