Russ Dueker’s “Industrial Strength” 3-wheeler comes second in Rat’s Hole show

30 August 2016

Russ Dueker’s “Industrial Strength” 3-wheeler comes second in Rat’s Hole show

We’ve searched the internet, but details are scant on Russ Dueker’s radical 3-wheeler that rolls on Metzeler ME880‘s. He constructed it from 140 pieces laser cut from 3/8″ steel.  Here’s the scoop from  It’s got bearings out of a Peterbilt (!), but that’s that’s just the beginning:

“Rear assembly, that’s where I started. It’s got the rear bearings out of a Peterbilt, 4” bore, 60,000 PSI load handling. In all there’s about 140 red parts, 400 chrome parts with all the spacers and bolts.”

One of its most intriguing aspects is its dually rear, a chain final drive squeezed between identical Metzeler Marathons.

“I experimented with the tilt a little bit and the Softail a little bit but it was just getting too complicated to make it work right. So it’s all rigid back there. It got the wheels as close as possible because that’s how you make a dual rear handle,” said Dueker.

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