Do-it-all on a budget.  Our new KTM 400 EXC

05 October 2016

Do-it-all on a budget. Our new KTM 400 EXC

What’s your most dear aspect of motorcycling? We like it all—exploration, speed, and exploring dense cities.  From track days to long voyages, to enduros…  What if one motorcycle could do it all?

The most obvious answer, would be something like a Ducati Multistrada.  Lots of power, track-day capable, continent-crushing comfort… but something is missing.  It’s almost too fast, it’s heavy, and it’s too nice to crash.

There is, however, a bike that can take you on adventures, to track days, and across dirt—a supermoto (as long as you have the enduro setup too).  Keep an eye on the classifieds long enough, and one is sure to turn up.

We just picked up this 2006 KTM 400 EXC with both sets of wheels for under $2000. It hasn’t been particularly well cared for, so it needs some brake pads, an oil change, and a valve adjust, at the very minimum. That’s okay, since a lot of used bikes would need the same care, although this one does seem to have lived a harder life than most. We hope the previous owner at least changed the oil and air filter frequently enough that we won’t find premature piston and valve wear.  Fingers crossed.

Here’s a list of the obvious things that need to be looked after:

Fork seals and bushings

Kickstand replacement (it broke off the 3rd time we used it)

Chain and sprockets

New bolt for the front brake lever

Wheel bearings and spacers for the dirt wheels

New air filter

Valve check

Rejet carburetor

And that’s it (!). We’ll be going through the bike over the next few weeks before learning to wheelie and slide it to our hearts’ content.




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