Our do-it-all KTM 400 EXC comes to life… slowly

14 November 2016

Our do-it-all KTM 400 EXC comes to life… slowly

We bought it in the middle of the night for a song. No surprise then, that there were several issues that we found once we got it home. Time will tell if we made the right decision.

It’s the first time we’ve worked on a KTM RFS—and the name of the game is clean air and oil. There’s a huge a air filter that’s meant to be soaked in oil to trap all possible particulates, and the bike has not one but *four* oil filters (well, two are screens, but you get the idea). During the first oil change we drained the oil but weren’t able to remove the screen bolts. We’ve since gotten them loose, but for now the bike is running on fresh oil and old filters.

With the oil and air-filter changed, we decided to check the valves. They had a tiny bit of clearance, but had tightened up over time. We used our Motion-Pro feeler gauges to set them to the proper 0.005″ clearance. The bike runs the same as before, but it’s good to know it’s set to spec.

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