30 years on, Hippo Hands still impress

14 December 2016

30 years on, Hippo Hands still impress

It’s cold outside.  On our big bike, we’ve been experimenting with heated grips and a heated jacket liner, but on our 6V Honda Cub, heated grips just aren’t an option.  We delved into the annals of motorcycle history and dug up a pair of Craig Vetter’s original Hippo Hands.

Craig and his brother Bruce developed Hippo Hands in the early 70’s to keep motorcyclists’ hands warm.  During the initial development, Craig actually duct-taped a sleeping bag to his handlebars to create a pocket of still air for his hands.  Production version were made with a special heavy material called “Hippo-dermus.”

Craig sold thousands of pairs of Hippo Hands over the years, and it’s easy to see why.  In freezing temperatures, our hands stayed reasonably warm even without gloves (though gloves, obviously, are recommended).

For the whole story, check out Craig’s website.

Editor’s note: We republished this winter-themed article, originally published on 2 February, 2013, since it’s quite timely with the recent cold snap across much of the United States

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