ACF-50, the ultimate rust protection spray

30 January 2017

ACF-50, the ultimate rust protection spray


Last Saturday morning it was 17 °F in New York, and our craziest friend invited us on a 70 mile ride into New Jersey (he actually wound up wanting to go farther and did a full 300 miles that day. Don’t worry, it wasn’t snowing; these pictures are from last winter). With the proper gear, riding in the cold isn’t bad at all, but we were still cold despite having a fair amount of special equipment. We had Hippo Hands on the TW200 and wore two scarves, a knit balaclava, two pairs of gloves, and leather pants. Our hands and feet were still a bit chilly. But we were still happy—happy that the roads weren’t wet and covered with salt. When our bikes are salty, we’re in a constant state of worry.



Salt, sun, and warmth conspire to turn any motorcycle into a pile of rust. There’s a way to fight back; a bike would last forever if it were completely insulated from the elements. A company called Corrosion Control manufacturers ACF-50, an anti-corrosion spray for airplanes, and it does a great job on motorcycles too. Think of it as a purple, less-volatile WD-40. More specifically, it’s an ultra thin fluid film, which creeps along surfaces and heals if a section is rubbed off. It’s not bad for rubber, and can be used on electonic connectors. It’s exactly what you want if winter riding is on the agenda.



In late fall every year, we wash our bikes and spray them liberally with ACF-50, making sure to get into all the nooks and crannies, on the spoke nipples, and on fasteners and electronics. We haven’t had much problem at all with rust in the past few years, despite riding no matter the weather conditions. One guy did a Pepsi Challenge with a variety of anti-rust sprays in a salt bath, and ACF-50 came out the clear winner. We trust it to take care of all our bikes each year, and our pro-tip is to call Corrosion Control directly and ask for the quart bottle and pump sprayer kit. It should cost just under $30.



The pics are from NYC biggest snowstorm from 2012.


Buy ACF-50 at Amazon.

It’s winter time, so we’re reposting this old story about scooters, snow, and rust-protection.  Originally posted in 2012.



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Corrosion Protection Spray can protect surfaces for a minimum period of 24 months during storage and transport.
Product does not affect rubber and plastic.
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