• Jan 23 2013

    This is the development of BMW’s 2013 R1200GS

    The new BMW GS is water-cooled, has electronically adjustable suspension, and countless other improvements.   BMW Motorrad has put together a video explaining the design process.  From the inspiration to the clay molds and chassis development, the video examines every step of the process.

    The new BMW GS will wear the Tourance Next as original equipment in 120/70 R19 and 170/60 R17. The tires will be a perfect fit, since they were developed in conjunction with BMW with the GS in mind.

  • Aug 26 2011

    Dream Weekend: California Superbike School


    One thing’s for certain: there will always be many more sportsbikes than there are capable sportsbike riders. The current crop of machines is so capable that only talented and experienced riders have any chance at getting the best of them.


    Whenever we see an inexperienced rider on a brutally fast and capable sportsbike, it’s hard for us not to wonder if a smaller bike might be better for learning. Its nothing against the rider, it’s just that it’s a lot easier (not to mention more fun) for a new rider to ride a slow bike fast than to struggle with something really powerful. The truth is that it’s impossible to learn to wring a sportsbike’s neck on the road while remaining safe. To learn to ride fast, you need a track and a trainer.



    Keith Code has dedicated his life to training riders to get the best of sportsbikes. His brainchild is the California Superbike School and it is widely acknowledged to be one of the very best. The classes are held all across the country, and students can ride either their own motorcycles or the schools’. In the classroom, Keith Code coaches students about the proper riding position where to look, and speed management. On track, professional instructors follow students individually before offering tips every few laps.



    The California Superbike School has more tricks up its sleeve. Keith and the boys have dreamed up several training aids, like the Lean Bike, the Slide Bike, and the “No BS” Bike. Each has a different purpose. The Lean Bike allows riders to lean as far as they can without low or high-siding, the Slide Bike allows riders to get comfortable sliding the rear tire under power or braking, and the famous “No BS” Bike helps riders discover that weight transfer isn’t what steers a bike.



    At around $2000 for a two day course, Keith’s class isn’t cheap. But after stepping astride a superbike and heading out on the open road, it’s hard to argue that it wouldn’t be money well spent. Two thousand dollars would buy a full system, shocks, and a remap. Or, it could buy an understanding of how to ride a superbike. We know where our money would go.


    California Superbike School


  • Mar 24 2011

    BMW GS Trophy? A unique experience!


    The BMW GS Trophy is a unique experience. Loving the bike, Enduro, and in particular the attitude to love a challenge is essential! Held through South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique, this is a truly epic event.


    USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, England, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Switzerland, Austria, each country supplied a team of 3 people and took part in this fantastic experience organized by BMW Motorrad , all riding the twin-cylinder enduro range and all equipped with our Metzeler Karoo tyres.


    The riders gave everything and departed with the knowledge that the hard course had given them more courage, endurance, technique, skill and luck!


    To find out more of how this event worked out, here is the video’s of the last GS Trophy 2010!


  • Feb 25 2011

    BMW K1600GT first ride!



    Britain’s biggest Motorcycling title Motorcycle News (MCN ) says the new Metzeler Roadtec Z8 equipped BMW K1600GT is ‘One of the most intoxicating engines in motorcycling”


    MCN go onto say; “BMW has created a supersports touring bike that adds an extra level of sex appeal to big, fast touring bikes with the K1600GT.


    The new silky-smooth inline six-cylinder 1600cc engine is one of the most intoxicating engines in motorcycling, let alone in touring, and offers new levels of thrust and smoothness not seen before on a bike.”