• Feb 05 2013

    Keanu Reeves chooses ME880 Marathons for the Arch KR GT-1

    Keanu Reeves got together with L.A. County Choprod’s Gard Hollinger to build a custom bike, but the two got to talking and the eventual result was not just a motorcycle, but a motorcycle company as well. The first bike from the Arch Motorcycle Company—the KR GT-1—will enter production this year.

    Keanu has been riding for over 25 years, and is an avid motorcyclist, who has ridden bikes ranging from Ducatis to Kawasakis. Says Reeves:

    “I’m a guy who loves everything about motorcycles—the sounds, the style and the aesthetic combined with the function, but most of all the riding experience. I’ve enjoyed motorcycles for as long as I can remember, and I’m ready to share my passion with the world.”

    Aside from it being based on an ’84 Shovelhead, not many details are known about the KR GT-1—except that Keanu wisely chose ME880s to go on the bike. The ME880 is a great tire for custom bikes. It comes in 85 sizes, has whitewall variations, and is very long-lasting. A solid center section gives sure-footed handling over grooved pavement and great wear characteristics, and the look perfectly complements cruisers and touring bikes.


  • Jan 15 2013

    Lady Gaga is a motorcycle, and rolls on Metzelers

    While the gossip world stands aghast at the thought of Lady Gaga’s split Versace latex pants, we’re more interested in her motorcycle outfit.

    At a concert in Vancouver, Lady Gaga took to the stage as the fork, headlight, gas tank, and frame of a trike, which was ridden by a backup dancer.  At some point during her song Heavy Metal Lover, she twisted herself a bit too far, and the back seam of her latex pants split, leaving her fishnet leggings exposed.

    Upon closer inspection, it is evident that the Lady Gaga motorcycle is wearing a Metzeler Lasertec on the front and ME880s on the back.   The contraption was based on her Born This Way album cover, where she  similarly built into a motorcycle.

    Sadly, the Lady Gaga bike wasn’t rideable—it was rolling around on a hidden electric cart.

    From the Daily Mail