• Sep 22 2011

    Australian Motorcycle News Loves the M5 Interact



    Metzeler’s current line of tires is getting great feedback from motorcycle magazines across the world. First Motorrad & Reisen rated the Roadtec Z8 Interact sport-touring tire number one in their best tire list, then the Z8 won the braking portion of a test in France’s Moto Magazine. Now, Australian Motorcycle News has given the Sportec M5 Interact an absolutely glowing review.


    The M5 Interact is a Supersport tire, and it sounds like AMCN’s Rennie Scaysbrook has been lucky enough to spend most of the year on them. He’d put lots of miles on smaller bikes fitted with the M5, but this article was about spending a few days trying to destroy them on AMCN’s 213bhp tuned-up B-King they’ve lovingly nicknamed the B-Czar. It’s a funny name, but a big, monstrously powerful bike like that can be hell on a tire. Scaysbrook did big smoky burnouts before each of four drag runs, then spend the next day at a trackday. Remarkably, the M5 performed as well at the end of the torture test as it had right at the beginning. From his other experiences with the M5, Scaysbrook testifies that the M5 “holds up beautifully in the rain with ample grip and precise feedback.”



    The M5 Interact uses Metzeler’s variable-winding-tension steel belt to tune 5 zones across tire for maximum performance both under breaking and during extreme lean angles. The Interact technology allows a footprint as much as 8% larger than a standard tire, while simultaneously improving straight-line stability and cornering feel. The M5 also boasts a lean indicator, with numbers printed into the tire that can be scrubbed off by riding the bike at extreme lean angles; the numbers correspond to lean angles of approximately 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 degrees.


    Read more about the Sportec M5 Interact


  • Jun 14 2011

    Score free Smith shades when you buy a set of Metzeler Tires


    Metzeler knows that seeing the road is just as important as gripping it, so we’ve teamed up with Smith Optics to create the “Summer Riding in the Sun” promotion. This summer, when you buy a set of high-performance Metzeler sport or sport-touring tires from your local motorsports dealer, you can receive a pair of Smith Optics sunglasses absolutely free.


    For a limited time, Smith is giving away their stylish Rambler with black or brown polarized lenses and their classic Serpico with mirrored silver lenses. Either model will protect your eyes and help you see the road for a safer ride. Polarized lenses are terrific at cutting glare, and the mirrored lenses work well on bikes with LCD displays.


    Some of Metzelers top-performing tires are eligible for this deal. For instance, the Sportec M5 Interact™. The Sportec M5 is Metzeler’s most highly-engineered supersport tire, with a long-wearing compound in the center of the tire, a softer-zone alongside for medium lean angles and an ultra-grippy strip at the edge for maximum grip during high lean angles. The M5 also has lean-angle markings moulded lightly into the surface of the tire, so you have evidence of just how far you leaned over during your most recent ride.


    The Roadtec Z6 is also eligible. It’s a sport-touring tire crafted for bikes riding on real world on-road conditions. The Z6 is a long-lasting tire with excellent performance in the wet, and is as happy on big enduros as it is on sport-tourers.


    Eligible Tires:
    Sportec M3
    Sportec M5 Interact™
    Roadtec Z6
    Roadtec Z6 Interact™
    Roadtec Z8 Interact™


    Please don’t forget to read the Terms and Conditions.


  • Apr 01 2011

    Metzeler Interact Experience- Presentation Video

    As the final nations pass through the Metzeler Interact Experience in Spain, we are recieving great feedback from testers on the event and tyres themselves.



    With approx 100 riders from around the World, this has been a great experiement to show the differences between the Interact family of tyres.

    The testers felt the different abilities of the Racetec K3, Sportec M5 and Roadtec Z8 across road and track tests.

    As part of the presentation to these riders we bring you the media launch video;



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