• Mar 14 2014

    Rider Magazine tests the new Karoo 3


    Rider Magazine has just reviewed our new Karoo 3 tire, which is a knobby adventure tire that gets great mileage on-road but has aggressive treads so it can stand up to long off-road excusions as well. After thousands of miles of hard testing–including a 750-mile off-road trail and an Iron Butt ride, the Rider Magazine team had this to say:

  • Mar 06 2014

    Watch KTM develop the 1290 Super Duke R


    KTM’s been making high-performance machinery for as long as we can remember, but they’ve outdone themselves this time with their astoundingly powerful 1290 Super Duke R. It makes 180 bhp from its 1300 cc V-Twin, and has without doubt the most extreme naked bike ever to go on sale.

  • Feb 26 2014

    What it’s like to ride behind Google Glass

    Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 3.03.29 PM

    The internet of things is coming fast. Your computer and your phone are online already, but what about everything else? Nest thermostats know when you’re home and learn your favorite temperature settings. New watches track your exercise, and soon, your motorcycle will be online too. Every day, the world becomes a little bit more aware of you.

  • Feb 18 2014

    KTM’s Extreme Enduro photoshoot features Taddy and his new bike


    KTM has just released images from a photoshoot featuring the ever-competitive Taddy Blazusiak and the new KTM 350 he’ll be riding in 2014. It’s a four-stroke, which makes it easier to get the power down, though frankly Taddy is so talented we can imagine him bending any bike to his will.

  • Feb 10 2014

    The TT, Metzeler Village, and the 2014 Road Racing season


    Get ready for this year’s METZELER Villag! On the occasion of the Isle of Man TT, scheduled from May 24 to June 6, we are going to replicate the ’METZELER Village’ initiative